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Allan Ditton Pottery
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Online Store for High-Fired Stoneware Pottery

My name is Allan Ditton, and I am the owner and operator of Allan Ditton Pottery. I bring over three decades of experience in pottery and various forms of functional art. My online store houses a vast inventory of high-quality stoneware pottery pieces, handcrafted to perfection.

Please explore the website for more information about my products and use the Etsy link above to place your order today.

Timeless Designs

Whether you’re planning to stock your kitchen shelf with unique stoneware vessels or just need pottery pieces to improve the look and feel of your home, I’ve got the perfect designs for all tastes and occasions.

Bowls are available in either flower or grass patterns, while all other pieces are available in wavy or vertical patterns.

Allan Ditton Pottery
Allan Ditton Pottery
Allan Ditton Pottery

Watertight & Food Safe

All my pieces are fired at high temperatures to make them resistant to liquids and ensure greater durability. The matte texture terracotta-colored glaze found on the rims and tops of my pieces is water-tight and food safe.

These handcrafted pieces can be safely used in dishwashers and microwave ovens. I recommend you place them in a cool oven and heat them to cooking temperature along with the food.

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